What is The Movement Hub?

The Movement Hub is a place where movement matters. We are Kim Tomlin and Chris Kitson. We’re both passionate about movement and the difference it can make to your life. Over the years we have experienced some of the best (and probably some of the worst!) training and therapy methods out there. Together we offer a unique blend of training and manual therapy that is individualised to your needs, building on our expertise and learning.

We’ve ‘been there, done that’ many times and know what works, and what doesn’t. We are extremely driven and have our client’s and patient’s best interests at heart. We also teach in our retrospective subjects for numerous companies, and spend countless hours on continued professional development every year. Simply put, you can place your trust in us. Movement is important to us and we are making it our mission to educate the nation!

What’s more, we love having FUN! And we want you to have fun and love the journey you embark on. The Movement Hub is a Community of like-minded people. All our members are Hub Heroes.

Who are Kim and Chris

We both share the same visions and values, and will do everything we can to help you. Whether that help comes in the form of fitness, manual therapy, movement coaching or nutrition. With decades of experience between us, and a proven track record of results, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands at The Movement Hub.

Kim Tomlin
Movement Coach
Fitness, Health and Well-being Coach

Kim started in the Fitness Industry in 2011. She entered the Industry at an age a lot later than most, having had a very successful career in the public and private sector, as well as running her own business before retraining as a Personal Trainer. As a ‘mature’ student with an already well-equipped business acumen Kim was driven to learn and be as good as she could within an industry that has the ability to change lives for the better.

Kim started her movement enthusiasm through Primal Flow and later Biomechanics Coaching and continues to delve in to human movement and it’s wonders! Kim’s primary client base are those who want to improve their lifestyle, to remain active and feel more confident in the way they look and feel. Not all changes are on the outside either!

Kim’s passion for movement, particularly through Primal Flow, lead to her teaching it at Primal Academy, Leeds. She is looking forward to expanding her teaching for other educators in the near future.

She has a passion for helping and educating others understanding of human movement through exploring their own movement capabilities and how to move more, better and stronger.

Kim also has a secondary passion – FOOD! Kim’s own journey with food and her current study with Precision Nutrition helps her to help her clients embed better nutritional habits. Important for both health and performance.

Chris Kitson
Performance Coach

Chris has spent the past 9 years in the health and fitness industry developing his Personal Training background, whilst working as a Specialist Biomechanics Coach, and gaining a Masters Degree in Osteopathy. Chris has a fresh approach to therapy and combines all his skills and knowledge to best suit the client/patient in front of him. His enthusiasm to learn and help others improve their movement capacity means he loves a challenge as it only helps improve his learning curve and ability to help others later down the line.

Therefore, combining his therapy and fitness coaching backgrounds provides a solid knowledge base to be able to integrate and provide the best outcome for his client/patient.

As a competitive triathlete himself, his primary client base includes: cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Having worked with numerous GB level athletes, Chris understands the stresses that are involved in top level sport, and helps develop strategies to aid performance.

Chris has presented at numerous high profile conferences and trade shows, on subjects including: flexibility, biomechanics, and modern pain science.

Chris is also a tutor for Biomechanics Education, Body Type Nutrition, and Movement Therapy Clinics. He has a passion for educating others to aid their understanding of human movement, performance, injuries, and pain.