Movement Coaching

We’re here to transform your movement. Helping you to gain the very best of out your body, whether the reason be to live pain-free day to day, improve your sporting performance, or simply to be more confident in your day to day movements and feel comfortable in your body. At The Movement Hub we use a unique blend of methods including:

We work to help all our clients to move more, move better and move stronger.

Biomechanics Coaching

Biomechanics is the study of human movement, and how we move is important to every aspect of our lives. Your joints, muscles and nervous system all affect each other, and when they are functioning efficiently, this enables you to move freely. At The Movement Hub, we use a unique intrinsic biomechanics screening system with video analysis and technique coaching which allows us to assess functionality of all areas of the body that contribute to your movement performance.

Happy with your training but struggling with certain movements or niggles?

Combining a regular screening process with a tailored programme that includes the results of your screen, can massively improve your movement potential and improve any niggles you are having in your day to day or during training. You may not be aware of how your body is performing until you take up a regular training regime with someone coaching you efficient techniques.

Why should I book?

Altered movements patterns may:

Whether you are a couch potato, elite athlete, busy mother, company executive or manual worker, a screening and appropriate exercise can help you:

Do you want to investigate your movement and feel and perform better? Contact us about a coaching session to unlock the answers to what may be holding you back.

Primal Flow

Primal Flow tests your balance, strength, endurance, mobility/flexibility and much more. It gives you the confidence in your body’s own movement ability and allows you to move in the way you were designed to move - as one big, connected, “moving machine”.

The possibilities of what can be achieved using Primal Flow are endless. It can be a warm up, a cool down, a mobility drill or a main session. Primal Flow can and often is incorporated into your training programme to enhance your experience and support your goals.

We use Primal Flow with lots of clients, or at the least take the principles of what it’s aiming to achieve. It’s a versatile training system for all ages and abilities and is easily regressed or progressed according to ability.

What makes Primal Flow different?

Primal Flow is effective, fun and can be tailored to any goal. It is as tough as you want it to be and as simple as you need it to be. As no equipment is needed you can take Primal Flow just about anywhere - workout on a plane, the kitchen table, in a tent, the bath or on a traffic island!

Primal Flow allows movements to build up and flow together, rather than repeating the same movement pattern. It’s not often we repeat the same movement over and over, rather we perform a combination of movements one after the other.

Read Kim’s full article and check out some more sample Primal Flow’s that you can get started with straight away.

Promal Flow is great if you

If you want specific Primal Flow instruction or your're interested in finding out more about it you can contact Kim.