We’re designed to move!

It’s important that we move more often, more freely and ultimately become more robust overall. That can come in the form of strength and movement variety, and becomes really beneficial in what we do outside of the gym as that’s where we actually spend most of our time; at work, with family and with friends – enjoying ourselves.

With regards to health, our bodies require movement to function efficiently. We increase blood flow, mobilise fluids, and lubricate joints through moving, and so a lack of doing so can start to show physically in the form of things such as: low grade aches and pains, morning stiffness, and poor tissue quality. Many processes in our body require movement to enable them to work efficiently, and this can even show in the way that we feel. Lack of movement can make us feel sluggish and fatigued, as well as minimising our non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) on a daily basis; this is essentially how many calories we burn through activities that are not classically described as exercise.

Can you crawl, roll, and climb?

Do you remember, as a baby beginning to crawl, roll, lift your own body weight to check what was going on above you? Probably not. Have you tried crawling lately? This was what you learnt to do before walking or before running. You probably had a pretty decent squat too!

As you grew up you most likely played in the playground with your friends, swinging, climbing, pushing and pulling things (most likely yourself). How are you at climbing a rope now, pulling yourself up on a bar? So what happened? Well, you probably went to school, maybe college or university and then perhaps you got a job. And for most of us that means hours and hours of sitting down.

Lifting weights is great and important but so is being the master of your own body and being able to work your body as a whole unit. It is very rare we move any part of our body in isolation. Even taking a drink from a cup requires more movement than a bicep curl.

Embrace your inner child and get moving again; it’s more challenging than you think! Movement is fundamental for better health and fitness.

Why should we move more?

Here at The Movement Hub, we use a variety of methods to make sure all of our clients are moving more, better and stronger, including: Osteopathy, Biomechanics Coaching, Movement Analysis, and Primal Flow which will enhance any goal you may have!

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