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The Movement Hub is a place where movement matters. We’re passionate about movement and the difference it can make to your life. We bridge the gap between the training and clinical worlds through offering: Personal Training, Osteopathy, Sports Massage, and Movement Coaching all under one roof. For more information on how to access these services, click on to the relevant link below.

Personal Training

Join our ‘Hub Community’ and have access to a structured setting that holds you accountable and helps you achieve your Health and Fitness Goals, whether that be changing the way that you look and feel or improving your performance to get that new event PB. You'll have all the help and tools you need to accomplish your desired results, whatever your Goal. We promise to guide and inspire you and provide a fun and enjoyable experience; one in which you thrive in. What do you want to achieve? Come see how we can help you.

Movement Coaching

Whether you’re looking for a PB in your sport, or whether you’d simply like to move more efficiently, our Movement Coaching sessions will help you gain the edge that you need to improve your overall function. We assess your movements via various methods such as: biomechanics coaching, video analysis, and technique analysis and show you how to gain the best out of your body by prescribing simple exercises for you to work on.



Finding the right therapist for your needs is crucial. Luckily, our very own ‘Hub Honcho’ Chris Kitson is a registered Osteopath. Chris understands active people, and what their body needs to be able to deal with in order to keep them pain free, and performing whatever activities they need to. Chris understands that there’s more to rehabilitation than stretches and thera-band exercises, and provides an up to date evidence-based approach to getting back to where you need to be.


Sports Massage

Our hands-on soft tissue treatments help you prepare and recover from sporting events, or can be simply used to ease muscle tension, helping you move more freely. Many of our Personal Training clients structure soft tissue work in to their monthly programming which helps them keep moving freely, whilst keeping day to day muscular tension down to a minimum. This also helps them increase their range of motion, aiding performance in their training.

The secret of getting ahead... is getting started!


A Personalised Approach

We don’t do ‘one size fits all’ programmes. Our coaches deliver bespoke programming in training and nutrition to help meet your needs.



It’s what we’re all about, and we realise that results mean different things for different people. Whether you visit us to improve your overall fitness, to improve your sports performance, or to get out of pain. You can be sure we’re focussed on your end goal.


Accountability, Support and Motivation

Our community is very close. Everyone helps everyone else to keep motivated, and we have key strategies to keep you accountable.


Technique and Tuition

Something we’re passionate about is coaching correct form and technique. This not only helps you maximise each exercise that you perform, it also helps to reduce the chance of injury along the way!


Knowledge and Skills

We don’t simply provide training for our clients, we provide an educational process to deliver long term change. We are armed with the skills and knowledge to help you move forwards, whilst providing clear, evidence based advice, helping you to avoid the confusion that is the internet!